Decentralize content market with NFTs

Build a sustainable ecosystem that creators get funded and supporters rewarded. 


Creators are struggling to get funding for creative content


Bring your creative ideas to life through NFTs

Creators empowered and funded while supporters are rewarded
Crowd-supported content gets funded
Supporters get rewarded for the first time
Community based platform
DAO ecosystem that incentivizes world wide participation
Why us?

We are Revolutionizing the industry with NFTs

Our unique NFT model allows for everyone’s voice to be heard, breaking down the centralized entertainment industry barriers, champion the content people want to see come to life.

How it Works

Content Lacks Creativity!
Be Inspired, Be Surprised, Be Profitable

Say goodbye to remakes and the redundant superhero films. HLYWD ensures the stability of the film's success while providing rich content.

That is what all streaming service providers are seeking for, and the demand will grow as the market is expected to triple in next 7 years.

How it Works

Watch What you Help Make, Higher Engagement

Our innovative DAO ecosystem differentiates HLYWD from most other content based projects.

It allows for more participation and engagement than most tokenized platforms.

You don't have to be a seasoned creator to be on our platform, upload your content to get funded or participate in our DAO at any level.
You don't create, no problem. Support your favorite community creators, get rewarded, and have your voice heard. 
You disrupt traditional distribution barriers with our collaborative community ecosystem


the team

The HLYWD Token team is filled with a largely diverse and passionate people that come from different backgrounds and expertise.
We feel that in order to change film and entertainment across the world we must be unique and innovative.

Entrepreneur and prior founder with one successful exit. 15 years of cross functional experience in blockchain technology, business development, and product/project management.

Working at a Blockchain 50 company since 2018. Prior to that, she was a software engineer and designed a system implemented in Xiamen Airport in China.

Co-founder & CMO

Shurong Li

Entrepreneur in the motion pictures industry. Experience in movies, series and docs production and distribution. Former 20th Century Fox, Disney, Sony Pictures, Sky

Cinema Advisor

Lorenzo Seritti

Feedel Ventures is the first startup studio in Italy. Feedel co-founds startups and feeds them Technology, Design and Business.


Feedel Ventures

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